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    This week we are going Center Stage with DirtySnatcha, and discussing his career in the music industry. From his style of performance, to his record label; we will touch base on different aspects of this particular artists’ career and brand.

    We talk about his sponsorship with the clothing line Pointless Products, influences like his friend LERKK, Liquid Stranger, and working with artist like Aaron Cohen. From his family life to how he lives his daily we dig into this artists lifestyle and more importantly learn his "Why" - {Why does he do what he does)

    Learn more about Chance Lacy aka Hesoglam here.

    This week we go "Center Stage" with REALEZT to talk about their career in the music industry, their artist collective the Kaiju Pit, blowing a breaker at GRIMEFEST, what got them into the EDM realm and more

    Get to know REALEZT here.

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