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    REALEZT talk about their artist collective the Kaiju Pit, blowing a breaker at GRIMEFEST, and more!

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    By: John Emery - October 12th, 2021
    REALEZT - Logo
    REALEZT - Devin & Dom
    Left: Devin Chavez Right: Dominique Velasquez
    Picture courtesy of Joshua Nichols aka Joshua Pedro

    Artists Bio

    Names: Devin Chavez & Dominique Velasquez
    Hometowns: Amarillo, Tx
    Current City: Amarillo, Tx
    Ages: 22 & 23 (respectively)
    Genres: Riddim & Dubstep

    Combining the elements of melodic with heavy bass music REALEZT has established themselves as the up and coming future riddim artists within the Texas underground scene. Using their huge, energetic stage presence as well as their song selection of heavy in your face music with a contrast of melodic euphoric presences. REALEZT has the ability to make a crowd feel, move, and dream the night away leaving with an experience that can not be achieved anywhere else in this world.
    Connect with REALEZT
    REALEZT music, was gracious enough to send me a few private links to their music, and before we even had the interview.. I listened to some of their mixes. I felt the energy they are trying to present to the world, their music was goosebumps worthy for sure! I really enjoyed how captivating the music was, and once I was about 13 minutes in to their Riddim Squad mix... I was in love. 

    REALEZT music is an artist duo compromised of two amazingly talented individuals: Dominique Velasquez, and Devin Chavez, who have a real love for music, as well as a kinship since 6th grade. These two are based in Amarillo, Texas, for now but have plans to move towards the Dallas, Texas area. Average hard working citizens by day, and slinging beats and creating masterpieces by night as REALEZT.

    Both high school buddies and fresh graduates on their way to playing college football, they both had some injuries that may have started minor, but became more serious as time progressed. Coincidentally, Dominique suffered from a broken hip, which he had to undergo surgery for…Roughly around the same time, in a completely different location, Devin was suffering from knee complications.  Through the chaos and the pain, Dominique and Devin reconnected, and said.. "Hey.. We can do this. We can work together and make our music take off. Only the REALEZT survive." What they meant by that, is "Real Recognizez Real" and many understand and follow this concept. 

    Instead of being down and out because their complications.. these gents put their heads down and started creating masterpieces. With influences like Akeos, and DDD as well as a long history of growing up with major music influences from family and friends, they decided to take a journey into their musical career.

    Read the interview below...

    Read the interview

    Dominique and Devin have had many experiences with music, but we talked about what exactly turned them on to the EDM scene, and it's stories like these that I love: 

    Dominique - "So I didn't have a lot going on one day…I decided to go out to this show my buddy was telling me about. This "rave," and I have never been to one so I decided why not. I go to this show and was just blown away…So the next time something like this happened I had to get ahold of Devin. Devin and I talked, so we ended up going to another show, and from that point on our lives were changed. We WANTED to do this. We knew we COULD do this."

    Devin - "So one day Dominique got ahold of me, and told me about this epic show he had been to and how I needed to check one out! We ended up connecting at an event he had told me about, and watched the show…It literally changed my perspective, and ultimately my life at that point. It was surreal the experience that we had. This was the start of something new entirely." So the duo decided... Let's sit down and do this. After a little while making music on Garage Band, and figuring out what their sound was going to be, they made the jump into Ableton. This started their musical career They just recently started their musical career and then.. COVID-19 happens. Some may have seen this as a curse, though these gentlemen took it as a blessing, and put their heads down into their work. Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, they continued to work their day jobs which has a flexible schedule for them to continue creating music. 

    Continued below...
    DirtySnatcha - Lubbock
    Countdown to DirtySnatcha
    Emlody - “So what is your guys schedule like?”

    REALEZT - “We work 4 days on and then have 4 off.” 

    Emlody - “That seems almost perfect for you guys then! Let me guess…4 days work…one day to party, one day to relax, and then two days of just music?” 

    REALEZT - “Hahaha, that is about it in a nutshell! “ - So because of this these guys have been NON-STOP on their work ethic, and continuously cooking up some masterful music.  

    REALEZT - “So when the pandemic hit.. .We had nothing to do.. .So we took that time, and we literally spent 8 hours a day for so many days, just watching and learning what to do! We had seen so many tutorial videos on so many different platforms using so many different software programs. We knew we had to increase our knowledge before we just jumped straight into it, and this was the perfect timing.”They both always had a real appreciation for music. Devin's father was a DJ growing up, so he got to witness performances! So this fuel combined with their willingness to burn that midnight oil.. sparked a combination of greatness. 

    Emlody - “what’s one festival you want to play? “ 

    REALEZT -Lost Lands hands down.” 

    Emlody - “Who would a Dream Collaboration be with?”

    REALEZT -Halcyon

    Emlody - “Do you guys have any other projects/aliases? “

    REALEZT - “DVDC, Summer Dreamer (stay tuned)”

    Emlody - “Why this? Why do what you do?”

    REALEZT - “It's bigger than the music. It's the culture. Bringing together people who never would have been together before. Providing an EXPERIENCE.“

    Emlody - “What is one of your biggest DJ nightmares? My personal one was my second time using CDJs.. Out of state performance.. I loaded the wrong deck and shut the music down for like 5 seconds LOL. Though.. I watched Tiesto literally shut down the main stage for 15 minutes.”

    REALEZT - “Equipment not working or a corrupt USB. We did blow a breaker once at GRIMEFEST in Dallas.. that wasn't fun LOL.” 

    Emlody - “Any upcoming releases we should know about?”

    REALEZT - “Plenty of stuff on the way, but for now we will tell our fans to be on the lookout for an A$AP Rocky Remix we are gonna be releasing before October's end. We also have plans to try and release something every 6-8 weeks, and keep a steady flow going.” 

    REALEZT music also has an artist collective that they work with and have set up for people to combine and collaborate together called the Kaiju Pit. They have major plans to release the things they personally love like streetwear, which personally, I can't wait for. As well as link their work across multiple platforms for ease, YouTube tutorials, and infomercials explaining what they do and why they do it. Be on the look out because I know in another year these guys will be a force of their own!

    It was an absolute pleasure to have a chat with both Dominique, and Devin, and we had plenty of laughs during this interview. Really cool guys, and I personally am excited to see just how far they go. Really enthusiastic and passionate about what it is they do, and their vision is quite frankly beautiful. 

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