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    DirtySnatcha Talks About His Upcoming Collab With GRIZ, His Past Duo Name, And How You Can Submit Tracks To DirtySnatcha Records!

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    By: Brendan Conway - January 26th, 2023
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    Who is DirtySnatcha?

    Name: Lee Bray
    Age: 33
    Genres: Dubstep, Riddim, Experimental Bass

    Born and raised in England, where our beloved beep boop noises originated from, DirtySnatcha has taken the bass music scene by storm all across the globe. Working in an office, doing insurance claims, Lee first heard dubstep and his life hasn't been the same since. Producing tracks since 2015, DirtySnatcha has developed a happy but high energy sound that ravers and DJ's have fallen in love with. Over the years, Lee has also collaborated with some of the music industries heaviest hitters such as Riot Ten, Rico Act, Carbin, Lucii, LSDREAMBoogie T, Monxx, and plenty more.

    After 2 shows in Dallas in 3 weeks, as well as coming off of arguably the hottest year in his career so far, we were super stoked to be able to sit down and catch up with DirtySnatcha! 
    Read the interview below...
    Connect with DirtySnatcha
    DirtySnatcha - Lubbock
    -What's your dream festival?
     "EDC, baby!"

    -What's your dream collab?

    -How did you get into production?
    "I was working in an office one day (doing insurance claims) and someone showed me dubstep. I didn’t like it at the start, but I was curious cause it was different and I just youtube'd it and dove in!"  

    -Who is your biggest inspiration?
    "Griz, I love the energy of his music." 

    -How was the GRIZ tour for you?
    "Amazing. Speechless. We started a track, he's gonna come back and finish it!" 

    -What advice do you have for DJ’s and producers who want to get to the next level?
    "Focus on where you wanna be, anyone can get to that next level. Don’t let anything stand in your way."

    -Do you have a track that you consider your breakthrough track?
    "Need Your High. I made that in one hour, didnt even expect it to blow up. These tunes that you make in the moment, same with Supersonic we (DirtySnatcha and Carbin) made it in a half hour to an hour, those are always the best tracks." "Go into that studio, just send it! Just don't over-do it. Make it simple, it's more effective. Less is more." 

    -What are some daily habits that keep you motivated?
    "My mom has always gone about to bring us up and shes always struggled, so right now I wanna pay her house off cause she's gone without to bring us up." adding, "I wanna give back to the scene as well and eventually bring in a team to help." 

    -Is that why you started DirtySnatcha records?
    "Yeah, its hard running it on my own, but something that I'll always do." 

    -What are your goals with DirtySnatcha records?
    "I'd love to get it as big as like, Wakaan or Subsidia, just wanna be on that top level you know? Invest into it get it to where I want it to be."

    Listen to DirtySnatcha's new remix of HEXED & Labs "Take a Trip"

    -What is your schedule like?
    "Pretty chill actually. From home, I'll be working on music, and if I'm not working on music its something related to music. It's an everyday thing."

    -What's something on your bucket list you want to complete?
    "I want to buy a house!" 

    -What does playing Lights All Night and Stereo Live mean to you?
    "It means Dallas shows a lot of support!" 

    -Do you have a favorite state to play in?
    "America is where the music scene is at. In my opinion, the whole world. I’m not saying it to be biased because I'm here, honestly when I come to Dallas you guys just show up! Mad support!" 

    -Have you had a favorite show in Dallas?
    "The Lights all Night festival." (Check out his LAN mix) "Every single show in Dallas has been good and its own vibe. Theres never a bad vibe here." 

    -Can you tell us some of your hobbies outside of music?
    "Playing age of empires!"

    -Do you have any specific songs on repeat right now?
    "This is gonna be outside of dubstep, but I’d say Chelsea Cutler. I saw her live at Electric Forest and I think I bumped into her backstage and didn't recognize her. But watching her play live I thought she was so unique and good." 

    -Are there any upcoming releases you’re excited for?
    "I wanna release this Rumble remix!" (Out Now!)

    -Why did you choose DirtySnatcha as a name and what does it mean to you?
    "I was in a duo before we were called Dirty Southerners, cause I was from the south. You could probably still find some music if you search on youtube. We made an album called “As Filthy As Your Mother”, this was back in the day. We grew out of it, so I decided to go solo and I thought what more of a funnier name than snatcha. It