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    Hesoglam on his sponsorship with the clothing line Pointless Products, influences and more!

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    By: John Emery - October 18th, 2021
    REALEZT - Devin & Dom

    Artist Bio

    Names: Chance Lacy
    Hometowns: Amarillo, Tx
    Current City: Amarillo, Tx
    Ages: 26
    Genres: Hip Hop, Experimental Bass Music

    From an early age Hesoglam had a natural ear for music, after DJing around Texas, as a young adult, he progressed in his craft; he began to unknowingly align himself with his love for Hip Hop. Heso has already released a few singles, and has a mixtape projected for early 2022. Natural skill can only get a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive his development and success.
    Connect with Hesoglam
    This week we go Center Stage with Hesoglam on his career in the music industry. From his style of performance, down to how he lives his daily, we will touch base on many aspects of this particular artist's career, and lifestyle.

    Hesoglam is a singular DJ/producer based in the Amarillo, Texas area. He began his career as a DJ at the early age of 17 (currently 26), and began his works in productions around 2016. Now in 2021, he will continue his residency at Local Bar in Amarillo, until he and his wonderful family can relocate to Dallas.
    Read the interview below...

    Read the interview

    Hesoglam has an extensive background in hip-hop music. With influences like his personal friend LERKK who really sparked the fire, to the major influences like Liquid Stranger, Bleep Bloop and DirtySnatcha (whom he will be support for in our upcoming event). He has created a really amazing vibe within his productions and has worked with artists in different genres such as Aaron Cohen. They put their heads and talent together to come up with the track "Smoke" which is flawless, Super intimate feels, really good light energy, and a solid banger of a beat. Truly could be used in so many ways, and quite frankly astonished by the work. He is also a sponsored brand ambassador for the clothing line Pointless Products - which has garnered major support from acts such as: Boogie T, SubDocta, Al Ross, Riot Ten, Vanilla Guerillaz and many more. With names like that you can see that this is a brand to be affiliated with.

    Hesoglam aka Chance Lacy, may be a DJ at night where he works his local residencies in Amarillo, yet by day.. My man is a humble father of two adoring kids. He and a buddy used to jokingly DJ after high school to kill time, and have fun. One day a buddy hit him up to go to a show in Lubbock, where after his attendance changed his life. Always being passionate about music, and wanting to take it a step further, this was when he started creating music and launched his career.

    Emlody - "So why do what you do, and create what you create?"

    Hesoglam - "Long time love for music, and after that show I told you about that my friend took me too.. I knew this was for me. Being a DJ at the clubs.. taught me how to CREATE a VIBE just with the songs I played, so I wanted to be able to create that same type of vibe, with my own personal productions."

    Emlody - "What festival would you love to perform at?"

    Hesoglam - "Chance (not hesoglam) Decadence.. as Hesoglam definitely WAKKAN."

    Emlody - "What is life as Hesoglam like?"

    Hesoglam - "To be honest it's pretty much the same, I am the same person through and through, even though I have to have this celebrity type persona."

    Emlody - "Who would your dream collab be with?"

    Hesoglam - "Gucci Mane, everything he touches... turns to gold."
    Continued below...
    DirtySnatcha - Lubbock
    Countdown to DirtySnatcha
    Emlody - "So I have to ask DJ's this because I myself have had plenty of them…What is your biggest nightmare as a DJ?"

    Hesoglam - "Well…I have experienced some personally and watched even worse ones happen. This one time I had the headphones on, track was coming through real good and clean!! I straight up dropped the fader on the track playing, kept my headphones on and thought everything was good, until I realized I didn't push the fader up for the track I just loaded. Though the worst thing I have seen happen…I was at a show, and Zomboy was throwing it down on stage, just got up there and set up and threw his first couple tracks on…I watched this guy pull out Zomboy's flash drive.We both just sat for a moment until I laughed stupid hard, because I recently had someone do this to me for the first time, no big deal, but if I was Zomboy... HAHA, oof that was a good chuckle."

    Emlody - "So while we are on the subject, what do you think your worst/best set is?"

    Hesoglam - "Well to be honest, every set is my best set, because I continue to grow, at the same time however each set is my worst set."

    Emlody - "Is that because you are your own biggest critic?"

    Hesoglam - "Exactly.I understood this all to well. As DJ's we notice our own mistakes EVERYTIME, and we will literally lose sleep over some of these minor transition mistakes we make. Though our crowds typically never even notice."

    We got to talking a lot about the club scene out there, because I myself am and have been a club DJ. It is an extremely taxing job. Some of us barely make enough to survive, yet this is what we do and what we love.

    Hesoglam - "So you know being a club DJ we spin a lot of hip-hop and top 40's… So I took all of the skills and techniques of my club residencies, and implemented them into my production. I learned the structure of certain songs, and how they were put together. I learned how to implement what where, and how to create something that can truly work for any and all. Whether it be a listener, or whether it be a performer. When I create more of my works in the future, I believe hip-hop helped me the most in understanding the structures of most music."
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