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    Jai Wolf On His Latest Album, Tour and How He Made The Timeless Hit “Indian Summer”

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    By: John Emery - September 18th, 2022
    Jai Wolf

    Artist Bio

    Name: Sajeeb Saha
    Age: 30
    Genres: Indie Electronic, Synthpop, Synthwave, Future Bass
    Connect with Jai Wolf
    Read the interview below...

    Read the interview

    This week we go Center Stage with a few amazing artists whom performed at this year's ILLFEST. Wide Awake Entertainment was on the scene and blessed with an opportunity to speak with a few artists this year. We talk about his latest album "The Cure to Loneliness", his tour and dive into how he made the timeless classic "Indian Summer"
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    Can you give us a brief Biography?

    "My name is Sajeeb Saha, I make music under the name Jai Wolf. I'm 30 years old, based in New York and currently in Austin, TX forILLFEST 2022."

    So "The Cure to Loneliness", this has been a project you've been chipping at for a few years now, this is our last stop on the tour so can you tell about about why and how it got extended so far?

    "Well originally we were doing a tour in 2020 and of course Covid-19 kind of messed everything up. Festival runs for our album, and all the shuffling and rearranging kinda shut us down due to radius restrictions. We landed the Porter Robinson tour, and were able to play to our fans in 2021 on a more intimate level rather than festivals."

    The Cure Loneliness tour and the album, what has been your favorite show so far?

    "I was writing this album in 2017 and released it in 2019.. We were going to play at Red Rocksyet due to Covid, that was backed up. This year we finally got there, and were headlining the venue after this two-year delay. Getting to do our album show there especially, was a celebration of the era for me."

    What does the album title mean to you?

    "I am actually glad you are asking that, it has been a while since someone has asked. Back in the 2015-2017 timeframe I was touring a lot. In 2017 it was a lot of international dates, and due to just the go go go, performing in front of thousands of people, and then ending up lonely in a hotel room. The album was really just about things I was going through during that time, and kind of advice to people in the future. The mental shift of the things I had underwent, being full of adrenaline, and then going to nothing.

    Do you have any advice for those that might go through this in the future?

    "Most definitely just to have people around you to ground you and be there. Have that support there!"

    The tour is about to come to an end soon, so what do fans expect next?

    "Well this is actually one of the last live shows of an era! We are doing one last show here in Texas, and the final one in Chicago! It will be the last time we do the full live show, and kind of excited to celebrate with the fans, and step away for some rest in between."

    Any side projects in between any of this?

    "I think it's really cool when artist's have their side projects, though I personally just don't have the time right now to do another project. It is an idea in the future, though nothing set in stone."

    So if you could work with any others, who would it be?

    "Me and my friend Chet talk a lot about doing a project together, though we have to wait on that timing. He is working on an album right now, and when he is done, maybe we can do something together. Same with Manila Killa!"

    What is one of your favorite underground artists right now?

    "Well I love mainstream stuff, and pop kinda stuff to be honest. Underground stuff I don't really have in front of me as often. I do remember Fred Again before he was big, but now he's big! People that I actually listen to are bands, the 1975 put out a bunch of new singles this year and I like those. Odessa put out a new album this year, and I was able to see them perform, which was great."

    Indian Summer, that is a timeless song. What was the thought process behind that? Was it kind of an accident, or what?

    "Well a buddy of mine was actually working with some more native sounds, and Indian Summer is the third release from Foreign Family(ODESZA'S Label). They were pretty brand new at the time, and I believe they have about 30 releases or so now. They started in 2015.. So we kinda had this random beat, and we worked on it, and sent it off to them! Something that I have been trying to do since then though, is have a song that is as good. Porter Robinson was saying last year he was trying different things through randomness, really spoke to me. I am trying to find these happy accidents a bit more this year!"

    The Cure to Loneliness, how long did that take to finish up?

    "Well 2017 I had the concept, and worked on the writing in 2018. Everything was solidified and finalized in 2019 Springtime. About two years overall."

    Last question.. When can we expect new music from you?

    "I can't speak on that unfortunately, however I can say.. With all endings... come new beginnings. We are wrapping up the era this weekend! Stay tuned for more."

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