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    KHIVA on How She Got Started, Working With Deep, Dark And Dangerous and More!

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    By: John Emery - September 18th, 2022

    Artist Bio

    Name: Jessie Le Couteur
    Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada
    Genres: Dubstep, Experimental Bass, Deep Dubstep
    Connect with Khiva
    Read the interview below...

    Read the interview

    This week we go Center Stage with KHIVA, a major up and comer in the bass scene from Deep, Dark And Dangerous.
    Continued below...
    Countdown to Mport
    Where did the name Khiva come from?

    "City in Uzbekestan, and that is where I adapted it from. Found it on a plane while reading a magazine. I had been looking for 6 months and trying to find a solid name. I had a running list if you will, and I was just learning about the various countries in the region that I was visiting. There was actually so much history involved with this particular city, being a part of the silk road and so much more."

    Does it mean anything significant to you?

    "There are many things that you can tie to this project, things and aspects of this place, that connect with my Ethos. Astrologers, philosophers, mathmeticians.. all of these people of high renown had been there. These things speak to me on so many levels, and it helped me to connect with this name. The name has a deep meaning to me, and I didn't know at the time but the more I learned, the more I became a part of it. Khiva has several kinds of meanings, and I want to learn more. I believe one of the cultural meanings has to do with these holes in the ground, where they are just so deep and spiritual that people believe to be closer to the underworld, and that is pretty cool!""

    So you rap and produce, so what got you into this and how long have you been doing this?

    "I grew up going to metal shows, and being involved in vocal programs in school. That is kinda where it all began, and then when I went to my first festival, the switch just flipped. I used to teach yoga, and then one day I just found production around the age of 19. After that happened it was really no turning back!"

    So how did you get into production?

    "I did a lot of music theory in school! I did a little bit of piano, and tried to learn guitar, however for me it was just an accessibility thing. We had the internet, yet it wasn't what it was now. It took much more to find things, and there wasn't lessons readily available everywhere. I don't even think I got my first laptop until I was 19! Doing and learning things on my own, this was a reason for being late to the party!"

    So some of my digital art, it is completely by accident. Do you think you do some of those things with your tracks?

    "I think that is part of working on anything. You are pulling from your well, and trying to channel those pieces into your art. Sometimes your brain might not comprehend what you are trying to do, yet it always just falls into place. Happy accidents! We have to be open to those kind of things, and working off of little mistakes, that turn into masterpieces."

    So what is some advice for another female artist?

    "It is easier said than done sometimes, however keeping that focus and sticking to your guns, is the main thing. Stay true to yourself, and make sure that you are not influenced by others around you. Trust in yourself, and keep being you. If you happen to like things, then incorporate things like that, make it you! Sticking to your core, staying close to your morals, and what you want out of life, and expect out of others. Maintain that faith in yourself."

    Who inspired you?

    "Well I always have my list of artists that have inspired me, and that I listen to almost daily.. though it's hard to pick. If you listen to my other interviews I always talk about My Chemical Romance. Just seen them last week at USV Arena in New York. I live up there, and that show was incredible!!! Being inspired by life, and just traveling, is what really keeps me going. I was in Europe and all over the US this summer. Being in Europe after not being able to be there due to Covid-19, it was just so refreshing. I like that culture shock, and being uncomfortable. I will be working on a song, and having some people working on some documentary out there, and it's just so awesome."

    What about some underground artists?

    "Well for my type of genre and what I do.. I will always rep Deep Dark And Dangerous. I will always rep for the day 1's, and honestly this style of music isn't huge, so it always seems underground to me. People that have also inspired me from Europe this year are names like.. Malaa, Jay Kenzo, Yungstuh, Pokes."

    More specifically, what about the latest artist on spotify!? Who is that new new, that we can also plug in?

    "Biome, Jay Kenzo, just the abstract stuff that he puts out. I would like to see their stuff more represented, though lately I have been on a techno kick, and listening to some obscure style witchhouse mixes that I have found in YouTube rabbit holes."

    Do you have any new projects that are upcoming?

    "I just had my one EP label, which has given me some cool things to do and play live! I also have a few things that are more experimental for live performances, and just so many songs on the way. I truly can't wait for my Denver show! A lot of my production lately has been different, and it isn't necessarily the type of stuff I would send off to others, though I can't wait to release it. I will say that it sticks to the 140BPM range though!"

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