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    By: Brendan Conway - August 5th, 2023


    Events to Include: 1788-L, Jai Wolf, Level Up, BIJOU, ACRAZE, NGHTMRE, Kaskade, and More 
     Relentless Beats, widely recognized as one of the Southwest's most prolific independent promoters, has announced its August schedule of events. With still plenty of heat to come, this marks the unofficial wind down of the summer show as Relentless Beats gears up for festival season and a series of concerts. Events like the newly created BASSTRACK and recently announced IYKYK music festival featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Metro Boomin', and Denzel Curry are just some of what is joining marquee events- Goldrush: Sonoran Skies, DUSK music festival, and Decadence AZ. 

    August's lineup includes sets by Laxcity; Ben Sterling; ChaseWest; Space Wizard; Drezo; 1788-L; it’s murph; Jai Wolf; LNY TNZ; Luci; Hvdes; JVNA; Jkyl & Hyde; Audien; KREAM; WhoMadeWho; Tape B; Level Up; BIJOU; Jawns; Montell2099; ACRAZE; NGHTMRE; A Hundred Drums; Miane; Moksi; Black Carl!; Kaskade; Nurko; Leotrix, and more. Relentless Beats shows include dates in Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii.The full event calendar and links to support pages is included below. 

    Visit for the most up-to-date information on all Relentless Beats events. 

    Stay connected on Instagram and Twitter at @RelentlessBeats and Facebook at

    See below for the full August schedule!  

    SCHEDULE: 04-Aug: Laxcity Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
     04-Aug: Ben Sterling | Shaded Support: ChaseWest, Frank Terry, Braydon Terzo b2b Lodin Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)
     04-Aug: Space Wizard Support: Sora Venue: Effex Nightclub (Albuquerque, NM) 
     05-Aug: Drezo Venue: HB Social Club (Honolulu, HI)05-Aug: Space Wizard Support: Digitist Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
     05-Aug: 1788-L Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)06-Aug: it’s murph Venue: Maya Dayclub (Scottsdale) 
     09-Aug: Jai Wolf Support: Default, Tsu Nami Venue: The Van Buren (Phoenix) 
     11-Aug: 6th Annual Goldrush DJ Competition Finalists: Afterparty, Dirty Mind Tricks, DJ Truddz, Dominatrix, Dxnte, Elixr, Last Minute, Minx, Mars Moro, Randy Perez, Siv, S T P H N, Zac Venue: The Van Buren (Phoenix)11-Aug: LNY TNZ Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
    11-Aug: Luci Venue: Sunbar (Tempe) 
    11-Aug: Hvdes Support: Pierce Venue: Gentle Ben's (Tucson) 
    12-Aug: JVNA Venue: HB Social Club (Honolulu, HI) 
    12-Aug: Jkyl & Hyde Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
    12-Aug: Audien Venue: Sunbar (Tempe) 
    12-Aug: Luci Support: Jeanie Venue: Salt Yard West (Albuquerque, NM)  
    13-Aug: Kream Venue: Maya Dayclub (Scottsdale) 
    18-Aug: WhoMadeWho | State of Mind Venue: Sunbar (Tempe) 
    18-Aug: Tape B: Old School x New School Fall Tour 2023 Support: Gunpoint Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
    18-Aug: Level Up Support: Vastive Venue: Electric Playhouse (Albuquerque, NM) 
    19-Aug: BIJOU Venue: HB Social Club (Honolulu, HI)19-Aug: Jawns x Montell2099 Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
    19-Aug: Level Up Support: Vastive Venue: Sunbar (Tempe) 
    19-Aug: ACRAZE Venue: Salt Yard West (Albuquerque, NM) 
    20-Aug: NGHTMRE Venue: Maya Dayclub (Scottsdale) 
    24-Aug: A Hundred Drums Venue: Effex Nightclub (Albuquerque, NM) 
    25-Aug: Miane Venue: Darkstar (Tempe) 
    25-Aug: Moksi Venue: Gentle Ben's (Tucson) 
    25-Aug: A Hundred Drums x Black Carl! Venue: Sunbar (Tempe) 
    26-Aug: Kaskade | Wave by Release Support: Ownboss, Carola, Avitas, Elder Venue: Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale) 
    26-Aug: Nurko Venue: HB Social Club (Honolulu, HI) 
    26-Aug: Leotrix Support: VUlllGUR, 2SOON, GUESTLI$T Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)

    * Schedule subject to change. 
     **All States Arizona, unless noted
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