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    Global United EDM Talks About Throwing Events & Advice For The Music Industry

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    By: Christian Pena - May 24th, 2023
    Read our interview with the owner of Florida based event company Global United EDM
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    In this interview we will be discussing the inspiration behind his new remix "Sweet Talk", his time at Icon Collective, all about Ableton and more. 

    Manic Muse

    Read the interview below

    "Hey Elijah! I hope you are doing well! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! So what is Global United EDM?"

    "So you kind of got to go back to when I actually started it, like, shortly after I was getting intopromoting and stuff. I wanted to expand my area of influence and reach to promoters in differentareas and what not. I started a page called Central Eastern EDM.I planted that seed and it was like, it's time to water it, you know, and so I started doing that andthen people from California were joining the group and stuff and I was like, I think this is largerthan Central Eastern. And so the vision with Global United is to take the EDM Festival community and connect the network where everybody has access to everybody. And that's like,not just promo and entertainment companies, it's like production as well, it's festivals, it's peoplethat do audio visual experiences.It really just started in Nashville, like promoting with everybody here and festivals and then I gotinto production and it just keeps growing and it’s just like the vision. I’m not doing it for themoney, I do it out of sheer enjoyment, connecting everybody together and that's what was reallycool about it.I'm trying to put a spotlight on all these different companies. I wanna unite the family tree soeverybody has access to everybody. There's larger things that I want to do. It's just that I onlyhave so much money, resources, and time. I'm so busy.

    "With that being said, what are some of your biggest accomplishments so far?"

    "I would say the biggest, biggest accomplishments is just the community that we've reached, thepeople, that it just continues to blossom and the opportunities. Some of the entertainmentcompanies that we promote aren't small entertainment companies, but huge shows.And so it's something, along that is just the community man. I'll eat like peanut butter and jelly,you know, but it's like I buy other people's tickets all the time. So I think that that's one of thecool things too is like, the ability to kind of pass it on because a lot of times, I'll maybe not haveto pay for a show because I'm doing work essentially. But then I'm always trying to make surethat we're getting somebody else there too. And that's just my own mindset as a promoter, like,always try to pass it on. If you ever get to a level where you get to enjoy a comp like, get yourhomie in, you know what I'm saying? Like, buy their ticket, and then it still goes to that company. 

    "That’s really good advice! So any future events coming up soon?"

    No. So right now my main focus is getting my money. So mainly just focusing on the workingfestival season, doing production, doing promo with that, establishing and maintaining therelationships with the companies that we have and then as the finances get right, I wanna startpartnering with people.So that's the kind of shows that I wanna do, with other people and especially, set up like thiskind of tour where it just kind of floats through like all these different areas and then it's all thesedifferent brands are highlighted. 

    "Finally, any advice you would give to anyone trying to make it in the industry?"

    "Yeah,if you're talking like, promotional wise, I think that it's important that you have to prove yourqualifications first.So I always say there's three stages, first you prove your qualifications and usually that's a pointwhere you're paying for your ticket, you're going, you're getting your name out there, you're justshowing that you're qualified for what you're trying to do as well.Then you can kind of start getting into like the comp kind of like staged, you know, if you will,where you can start earning your tickets because you've proven your worth. Now, you're onpromo teams,, you're able to get your ticket but then still pass it on to a homie, you know, like,buy somebody else's ticket and then the third level which we all want to be at is the paid.It's also something that I think is not just, you know, paid for myself, but how am I getting thecompanies that we're promoting with, how we are converting ticket sales for them and whatnot.At the end of the day, just always put your best foot forward.This industry will eat you up. It's such a hard industry because it's so human and it's alwayschanging. We have our own ways that we like to go about our night if you will. You know. So it's how you maintain relationships, find the people that kind of speak to you and then run withthem. Always make sure to do right by everybody as best as you can, definitely make sure, tonot leave a sour taste in people's mouths because you know, we're all in this together." 

    "I agree with that. Well, thank you so much for your time learned a lot. Like I said, thank you somuch for your time."

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