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    Listen to Aftrlife Ent.'s new release from Gry Wolv "On My Own" Ft. Imallryt

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    By: John Emery - February 2nd 2022

    Artist Bio

    Name: Taylor Nickell
    Hometown: Austin, Texas
    Age: 30
    Genres: Dubstep, Riddim, Bass Music

    Taylor Nickell aka GRY WOLV is a local Austin, Texas artist, and began his journey on the musical path in 2016. Born in California, and now based in Austin. Moving right along into his production career, Taylor is already lined up for great things in 2022, and this is just the beginning of his journey.

    Thoroughly enjoyed having some of the first listens on his latest track "On My Own" featuring Imallryt, that just dropped January 28th, from GRY WOLV. An artist from Aftrlife Entertainment has been out here putting their head in the game, and coming up with some extraordinary material for the public to hear. I'm quite excited to be able to throw this track on the decks one day, and even more so excited for the world to hear this newest hit. 
    Connect with Gry Wolv
    In this interview we will be discussing a few things like, how this track came about, what were the influences behind this, and how exactly it was all done and ready to launch to the world!

    Taylor Nickell, started off as a vocalist for a metalcore band in the early 2010's. Went to college in 2016, and started picking up some DJ equipment, and traits, and then in 2017 became a little more involved with it. Dabbling in Ableton, and looking up stuff and finding out which direction he wanted to go in.First produced track under a different name in 2018. GRY WOLV started in 2019, and has 3 tracks tracks out currently. Very excited to see where the road takes our fellow artist Taylor Nickell in the future, and be on the lookout for the name GRY WOLV! 

    Read the interview below...

    Read the interview

    Emlody: Really loved the track, and even more so grateful I was able to have that sneak peek! What led you to get into music production and get to this point?

    Gry Wolv: Music was something I just knew I wanted to do. The first show I ever played with a band, it was a buddy Teddy and I, and it was actually our first show together. We had a ton of fun, and put out really good energy and it made me realize I wanted to do this. When I started DJ'n in college I was able to perform for so many people in local clubs and venues, it truly was a rush to be able too share my art with the community.

    Emlody: What about the track itself? What led to the creation of this epic release?

    Gry Wolv: Seven Lions had a remix competition, and this was the spawn of this song. I worked on it, and have been into melodic dubstep, and a little later on got into mid-tempo. So when this competition came out, I wanted to enter it into the remix competition. Though it didn't win, it gave me the idea of adding vocals, adding more to this track that I had already come up with. I took the skeleton and put a body on it!
    Continued below...
    Emlody: What about the vocals for the track, Imallryt, how did that come about? I think it's perfect!

    Gry Wolv: Imallryt was the vocalist for this song, and a buddy of mine Chris, led me to James aka Imallryt. We connected over Facebook, and I sent him the track. He had gotten pretty hype about it, and was excited to work on this. I decided to give him free reign over the vocals, and this is the end result.

    Emlody: Any other projects or upcoming releases we should be on the lookout for?

    Gry Wolv: Many projects in the works. One track I am putting the finishing touches on, and goes back to my roots of the melodic dubstep. Really thinking that the production value is a lot better especially with the instruments that I am adding on. A few things in the works, and another just awaiting the vocals to be added, and then sent off for completion.

    Emlody: One thing I have to ask every artist I interview is this.. Tell me that DJ nightmare story! We all have one and honestly they are hilarious to me, because I full well, understand that panic and fear.

    Gry Wolv: Top two definitely.. First time playing in Austin, first time on CDJ's and one of the decks didn't work. Though I definitely recovered and was able to work well, and the people enjoyed it. The second one, was in Austin, and someone was playing... they had about 3 minutes left, and I go to plug the USB in, and check it.. I ended up unplugging theirs.

    My favorite thing about this question is the similarities in our nightmares. It has happened to so many of us, and it truly cracks me up. The nerves hit hard the day of a show, and any great artist will tell you the same. 
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