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    Listen to Currly's New Song - Wookanomics

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    By: Christian Pena - January 23rd 2023

    Artist Bio

    Name: Carlos Rico
    Hometown: San Diego, California
    Age: 25
    Genres: Dubstep, Experimental Bass

    CURRLY is a self-taught Guitarist, DJ, Vocalist & Producer. He creates experimental bass music influenced from his multicultural background, modern trap & pop culture. Currly’s live performances focus on room shaking drums and mind melting bass lines, integrating a mix of nostalgic sounds and new auditory sensations
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    In this interview we will be discussing a few things like, how this track came about, what were the influences behind this, and how exactly it was all done and ready to launch to the world!

    This week we will ask up and comer CURRLY about his new single, “Wookanomics”.
    Manic Muse

    Read the interview below

    Christian: "What genre would you classify your new song, Wookanomics as?" 
    Currly: "Lately with the stuff I've been making, I would call it experimental freestyle because a lot of this music has a trap structure. Freeform is the word I've been using a lot." 

    Christian: "Oh that's interesting! What was your inspiration behind making a song like this?" 
    Currly: "I have a song called Wook Flu that I made when I first started off and I've been really liking making humor of wook culture and wook vibes. For this song I made a really like nice beat and i got behind the mic and started ad libbing funny things and I was thinking about wooks and grilled cheeses and I had grilled cheese that morning and so I said “save yo pockets and ya lockets and cheese” and once the drop came I just said “wookanomics” because thuganomics, economics…wookanomics." 

    Christian: "That’s awesome, what did you use to make this? How long did it take you?" 
    Currly: Ableton, 2 hours. 

    Christian: Really? 
    Currly: "Yeah, it's one of those things like I was in the zone. Producing 2 hours, EQ and master another hour so 3 in hours. I call it the AutoZone, I’m in the shop, in the zone. I’m just in there and I'm able to get it out perfectly."

    Christian: "Any plans for a music video?"
    Currly: "Yes! I'm going to do some funny graphics with a green screen that will be out Thursday and this Friday I'm heading out to Atlanta to film the music video for Wookanomics." 

    Christian: "Oh nice, in terms of the music video, did you have any vision about what the video will be like or are you gonna freestyle it?" 
    Currly: "It's gonna be a little bit of freestyle but the main idea is just me head to toe in wook clothing going to different spots in Atlanta. The premise of it will be me just spaced out looking at interesting things in Atlanta. There's this thing called the Illuminarium which is just 3D lasers and graphics going hard so we’re going to get cool visuals with that. We’re also gonna go to an underground Of The Trees rave. We’re going to get footage of light performers and stuff so it will be pretty cool." 

    Christian: "Any upcoming shows?"
    Currly: "Yes! I'm working really hard right now making a really good set, prepping a lot of ID’s for a festival I'm playing in Florida. Its called Area 54 and this is gonna be a really big show for me because for this show I;m actually gonna be performing live!" 

    Christian: "That’s awesome! Anything you would like to add?" 
    Currly: "Listen to Wookanomics! It's a very fun song and I loved making it. I'm gonna be having a lot more experimental songs coming out with that wonky, saturated, dirty bass and if you're in florida come say hello!" 

    Christian: "Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to interview you!"

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    DJ, Writer, Student

    Christian Pena aka Baby Icey