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    Listen to Manic Muse's New Release "As It Seems"

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    By: Christian Pena - December 2nd 2022
    Manic Muse
    Manic Muse

    Artist Bio

    Name: Brittany Mellon
    Hometown: Hondo, Texas
    Genres: Experimental Bass
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    Manic Muse
    In this interview we will be discussing a few things like, how this track came about, what were the influences behind this, and how exactly it was all done and ready to launch to the world!

    This week we will ask experimental bass up and comer Manic Muse about her new music video and single, “As It Seems”.
    Read the interview below...
    Manic Muse

    Read the interview

    Emlody: Really loved the track, and even more so grateful I was able to have that sneak peek! What led you to get into music production and get to this point?

    Gry Wolv: Music was something I just knew I wanted to do. The first show I ever played with a band, it was a buddy Teddy and I, and it was actually our first show together. We had a ton of fun, and put out really good energy and it made me realize I wanted to do this. When I started DJ'n in college I was able to perform for so many people in local clubs and venues, it truly was a rush to be able too share my art with the community.

    Emlody: What about the track itself? What led to the creation of this epic release?

    Gry Wolv: Seven Lions had a remix competition, and this was the spawn of this song. I worked on it, and have been into melodic dubstep, and a little later on got into mid-tempo. So when this competition came out, I wanted to enter it into the remix competition. Though it didn't win, it gave me the idea of adding vocals, adding more to this track that I had already come up with. I took the skeleton and put a body on it!
    Continued below...
    Manic Muse
    Where did you get the name Manic Muse? “Manic Muse comes from the need I see for Duality in life. I think everyone has a side to them that they hide and for me, starting this project has been about pushing past those boundaries, creating an uncomfortable space for myself to grow and expressing myself, even the ugly parts, authentically” What made you start wanting to produce and DJ? “I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember. I used to be a drummer in the school band, played piano here and there and always wrote lyrics, mostly sad shit. I've always been into music but I really thought about getting into producing in college. Being from a small town I feel like I didn’t take my dreams seriously at a young age and when I got older I was like, I can literally do whatever the hell I want. I also went to my first festival in college which was Euphoria and I remember feeling so extremely inspired and knowing that's something I wanted to pursue and something that I actually felt capable of doing” How many years have you been DJing/producing? “I’ve been DJing since 2017! I probably got Ableton in 2018 but didn’t really put any work into it until 2019-2020” What is your new single, “As It Seems” about? Is there a story behind the name? “It’s about how life can get chaotic and how you deal with it. I like to call it being comfy in my chaos. Sometimes it just feels like you're numb in the thick of it all. Which you’ll see is expressed through the video, like how everything is just going crazy around you and you’re kind of just like…there, just experiencing it and taking it all in and just like how you deal with the chaos in life” How was your experience shooting the music video? “It was honestly so sick, first and foremost I would just like to say thank you again to my videographer/director @jreamworks and my creative director @ashleyfuckingmetro because they made this happen so quickly it honestly blew my mind. I knew I wanted it to be eye-catching, in your face, chaotic and WEIRD. I am definitely a weirdo, always have been, I just love weird shit, like stuff you don't normally see. I had made some mood boards that inspired me when it came to the actual theme of the video that I shared with Jreams and Ashley but they really ran with the idea. We shot one of the scenes in a trippy art installation called mesmerize and then Ashley pulled a lot of her friends together to be part of the scene that we shot in an Austin motel. All in one day. It was such a fun experience I would 1000% do it again in a heartbeat. Ashley and Jreams are such inspiring creatives it was really special getting to work with them.” Any inspirations or visions you had for the video? “I wanted it to capture that absolute chaos. I had the idea for this in 2020. My Ableton project corrupted like 4 times. It was honestly an absolute mindfuck, wondering if I was ever gonna get this done, and then it was done and I met up with them. We literally shot the video in like January of 2021 and back then, there weren't many videos for EDM music especially with artists as small as me so I just really wanted to have something that said ‘this is what I’m about’. I wanna create shit, obviously music, but I also wanna create in general, for your eye holes and ear holes” Since it's been so long since you started this project, how does it feel to finally release it after so long? “Honestly, it doesn't feel real, I don't know if it hit me to be completely honest. I’m a pretty dissociative human being, which is why I let it take me two years to release it in the first place so I feel like I'm overwhelmed with excitement and just everything I'm excited for and everything I want to work so obviously I'm ecstatic but also overwhelmed.“ What’s next for Manic Muse? Any upcoming shows or projects? “I have some unreleased tracks I’m currently working on, a couple of collabs so stay tuned. To be honest I've been putting all my energy into this release because it's been such a long time coming it felt like it wasnt gonna happen for so long, I've definitely had some mental things holding me back here and there. I have a show coming up in Tulsa, Oklahoma opening for Jessica Auddifred which I’m really excited about. I’m super excited to open for such a powerful woman in the scene. She's super inspiring. More than anything I just want to keep creating things forever. I love music but I also make resin projects, paint, do some mixed media art, and write poetry! I just want to keep expressing myself forever.”
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