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    Listen to MEEGZ’s New Release “Funky Pillz”

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    By: Christian Pena - January 23rd 2023

    Artist Bio

    Name: Miguel Martinez
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Genres: House, Bass House

    MEEGZ is a multi-genre producer, vocalist, and DJ. His musical journey began as a teenager singing in a metal band (Transcend). Primarily self-taught, MEEGZ has a way of incorporating uncommon sounds into unique designs. In 2021, his focus shifted to the realm of electronic dance music.
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    In this interview we will be discussing a few things like, how this track came about, what were the influences behind this, and how exactly it was all done and ready to launch to the world!

    This week we will ask up and comer MEEGZ about his new single, “Funky Pillz”.
    Manic Muse

    Read the interview below

    Christian: First off congratulations on your new release, “Funky Pillz”, I love the vibe, I love house, it’s a very good track. What did you use to produce it?

    Meegz: FL Studio! I did a binge produce. I started with the drop and that got me excited and every day after work and every second I was free I was working on it. It took me about 7 days. I didn’t work on anything else or did anything else, as soon I got off of work, I didn’t even do the dishes, I was like “I gotta finish this” 

    Christian: Well it’s an absolute banger, I love the way it came together. Did you have inspirations for the track? What was going through your head when you were making the track?

    Meegz: It was mostly fun for me, I tend to take myself seriously and I think really hard like about this has to mean this or I have to present myself in a certain way and this song, it was just a vibe instantly. It was mostly fun instead of work. Yes I was zoomed in and wanted to work my ass off on it, but I had so much fun.

    Christian: Where did you get the name for the track?

    Meegz: The samples came later, I had the notes and drops and everything but once I found the samples, that's when I figured out it would be called “Funky Pillz” because it goes, “I got something to feed your soul”. What is that you're feeding your soul? Funky Pillz. It's a metaphor because music is the drug

    Christian: Comparing this song to your past works, where does this one rank for you? Would you say it's your best work?

    Meegz: Yes! I have several unfinished projects but like that one I knew I had to finish it because I felt the vibe and energy. I felt like it was unique but fits in with Habstrakt for example. Once I figured out the samples I told myself, “let's wrap this up”. The problem I have is mixing and mastering. I'm not the best at that so I got my friend Grant Gibbs and I paid him to mix and master it and I was so happy with the final product. I'm learning about all that though. I've been a musician all my life, I've played guitar, I've been in a metal band since I was 15 years old. 
    Continued below...
    Christian: Oh really? Tell me about that! How was it like being in a band?

    Meegz: So its crazy because i used to write poetry and I made lyrics without even knowing it and one of my friends was like “Why dont you be a singer” and i said “Oh shit, fuck it” and I was 15 playing bands in high school, listening to slipknot, korn and all that shit, it was my shit, so imused to being in front of crowds, going wild on stage, I love giving all the energy I have at shows.

    Christian: What made you wanna transition into EDM?

    Meegz: To be honest, it's hard to keep up with the members. Trying to get everyone involved when some people might be focusing more on other things when I’m giving my all, so I just had more control on my own and I always loved electronic music.

    Christian: How long have you been making EDM for?

    Meegz: My first show was about a year and a half ago, that's when I started taking it seriously. I've been focusing on DJIng and now Ive been focusing more on producing.

    Christian: Any future plans music wise?

    Meegz: Yes! I want to release a house song with me singing on it! No samples, my vocals and I want to tell a story. Kinda like ZHU meets The Weeknd meets bass house. I wanna throw out a sexy vibe and a dance vibe. I also wanna sing in Spanish a little bit haha show a little bit about who I am.

    Christian: That’s awesome! Anything else you want to add?

    Meegz: This song "Funky Pillz” was so fun and the energy i felt was awesome, the next one is gonna be more emotional, kind of like my sets, balance of emotion and fun.

    Christian: That's amazing, I’m super excited to see what you have in store, thank you so much for your time man!
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