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    Up & Comer MAS Talks About His New EP "Let You Go"

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    By: Christian Pena - March 2nd 2023

    Artist Bio

    Name: Andy Moore
    Hometown: Ft.Worth, Texas
    Genres: Dubstep, Riddim, Future Bass

    Mas was born in Fort Worth, TX. Once he stepped foot in the scene, he immediately discovered his love of music. 
    In 2012, Mas started playing at a variety of different clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Places such as Plush, Insomnia, Lizard Lounge, Eternal Eden, and many others. During this time, he played hundreds of shows, opening up for some big names such as Bombs Away, Riot Ten, Troyboi, Timmy Trumpet, Deorro, The Cataracts, etc. 
    Shortly after, Mas started producing his own music. After a year passed by, he took time away from music to spend time with his daughter. 
    Now he is back, more ready than ever!
    Connect with MAS
    In this interview we will be discussing a few things like, how his EP came about, what were the influences behind it, what he's been up to recently, and how exactly it was all done and ready to launch to the world!

    This week we will ask up and comer MAS about his new EP, “Let You Go". 
    Manic Muse

    Read the interview below

    Christian: "What is the name of the EP you're dropping?"
    Mas: "Let You Go. I have 2 tracks on the EP. The main song on the EP is about letting go of the past and negativity I was always around. The main song, the one that is called, "This Is the Part Where I Let You Go" is me branching me off from who I was then to who I am today."

    Christian: "Did you have any inspirations or influences for this EP? 
    Mas: "Yes! 2 artists who are on totally different sides of the spectrum, Illenium and OG Nixin. The progressive dubstep song, “This is the Part Where I Let You Go”, is inspired by my favorite producer Illenium. I love his progressive tracks and how they hit you on a deeper level. I love OG Nixin’s west coast Hip Hop mixed with dubstep so that's where “Scrapyard” comes in and I wrote a song with a similar concept that he has."   

    Christian: "Oh nice! How did you get into EDM? 
    Mas: Me and ex wife, my daughters mom, always talked in high school about going to one of these shows and I used to go to the after hours in dallas and I remember seeing the same DJ every weekend, DJ Yosh, and I thought to myself, “Man, I would love to be on stage playing music one day that would be so fun to me”. Once I got into it I was like “Man I wanna quit DJ'ing, I want to produce, I want people to hear what I can create and not just me playing other peoples tracks so It's been a level of things topping one and another."

    Christian: "I totally understand that, so what kind of genre hooked you on the EDM scene? 
    Mas: Oh Melbourne Bounce! Yeah man the offbeat bass lines they had with the house music, man i've always loved the house music back in the days, like 2013." 

    Christian: "Oh nice! That big room vibe haha I love that. So back to your EP, how long did it take to complete it?"
    Mas: "So recently, I've been getting more knowledge on how to produce so “Scrapyard” took me about 2 weeks to write, and “This Is the Part Where I Let You Go” took about a year on and off. Recently a lot of things have been coming together a lot more fluidly so I can write a lot more tracks quicker but “This is the Part Where I Let You Go” has taken me the longest because I've been bouncing between life and music so I say about a year for that song and a month to finalize these 2 tracks together."  
    Continued below...
    Christian: "Awesome, and do you master your own stuff?"
    Mas: "Yes haha, I've been in the process of sending them to people to master and they all send them back saying that they are good where they are and that i don't need to make any adjustments to them. To me that's hard to believe coming from productions that I've done and Ive hated my music for the longest because I always thought they weren't good enough. And just recently, I've started to believe in myself. I really think I have the quality and I have what it takes to be a name in the game, I can be unique. It's great to hear people say “you don't need any help in these songs, they are good where they are at”. It's an eye opening experience that I can do that now, it's pretty cool dude." 

    Christian: "What made you want to make this EP?"
    Mas: "Dude honestly, I was writing a lot of riddim or dubstep music for a while and i noticed i was having beat block or what some people call writers blocks, and one day i was trying to make a song and i was just stuck on the same rhythm im stuck on the same beat and one day i was like “I love Illenium, why a i trying to make something so heavy when I'm struggling with it”. So I was listening to his new album and I decided I wanted to make something progressive. So when I wrote the melody and the chorus for “This is the Part Where I Let You Go” it started connecting with me pretty quickly. I wrote that song pretty fast, I found a singer for it and she has the most beautiful voice. Once you hear it man , you're gonna wanna cry. When I wrote it, I wrote about letting go of all the negative things in your life. If it's a person, addiction, money problem, anything that's holding you back. What's crazy is when I wrote this song that was completely opposite of what I'm used to, it bridged me over to the versatility of the writer I am today. From then on I wanted to make songs completely opposite of eachother and I wanted to become a versatile artist. That song changed me and made me who I am today." 

    Christian: "That's awesome man! Any future projects you're working on?"
    Mas: "Yes! Im collabing with a rapper and we wanna have like 5 different genres in one album haha. But yes I have so many projects I'm working on, I have like 4 collabs right now and i'm doing a lot of different genres. I don't know where I wanna go next because I have so many different ideas. I wanna see how these next 7 shows go and I want to see what people tend to like the most and I'll start the next EP off of that." 

    Christian: "Sounds good! I can't wait to see what you do next! Thank you so much for your time!"
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