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    Jessica Keeton aka JESSXO

    Jess is an event and fashion photographer who specializes in EDM concert photography. Her passion for photography started when she was a child she would take pictures at family events and was the photography editor of her high school yearbook. In 2010 Jess took her camera to a local EDM event and fell in love with the moments she captured.

    In 2019 she created her brand JessXO Photography and has taken pictures for many collectives such as Next Level Events, Ham Promotions, Riot Tribe, and Pulsation Nation and artists like Jessica Audefried, Arius, Chee, Oddprophet, and local DJs like Tension, Dosshaquis, Madnoiz and Baelien.

    Jess is looking forward to expanding her portfolio to include videography and continuing to capture the best possible moments for the EDM community.“I have a huge respect for the art that goes into EDM events, from the production, rave outfits and the music, I am passionate about capturing the best moments and honored to be a part of it all” - JessXO
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