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    Photo courtesy of JessXO Photography

    About HeXaFeX

    Name: Peyton Pullen
    Hometown: Fort Worth, Tx
    Current City: Fort Worth, Tx
    Genres: Dubstep, Experimental Bass, Hybrid, Trap

    The Hexafex Project is a experimental bass fueled creation by DFW native Peyton PullenPeyton learned how to play instruments from a very early age; emersing himself in many vibrant and diverse music cultures as he grew, taking pieces of inspiration from every aspect of life and his experiences. Hexafex is culmination of all of those experiences. Hexafex delivers powerful bass frequenciesand next level experimental sound design infused with jazzy horns and funky bass lines accented with a classic hip-hop flavoron the other side of the project Hexafex will bring fan into Downtempo Atmospheric Ethereal Soundscapes, relaxing melodies,accompied by deep sub frequencies and mind bending wubs, topped off with culturally influenced world instrumentation. 

    Are you ready to get a HEX put on you?

    Notable Acts Supported:
    The Widdler, Meso, Southgate, DRRTYWULVZ, Molokai, Mlotik, Trigem, Shizzlo, Sather, Vctre, Black Carl!, Subdocta, Dirtysnatcha, Chmura, Viskus, Phlo, Josh Teed, Mindset, Nik P, Typo, Rico Act, Ocean Roulette, Truth X Lies, Wax Motif, Lovely Bones, Vanilla Guerillaz

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